Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 Easy Exercises To Target The Tummy

If you're looking to start up a workout program to slim the tummy and get rid of your love handles, performing the right exercises will be key.  By fully challenging all the muscles surrounding the core region, you can see better fat burning benefits and really get that toned look that you're going for.

Unfortunately though, many women spend far too much time on exercises that won't deliver, which is why it's definitely worth your time and effort to learn those that will.

By including the following five exercises in your program more often, you will see much faster progress.
Let's have a look at the main ones to consider.

The Plank
The very first exercise to include is the plank.  The plank should always be a standby in your ab workout because not only is it going to work the abs, but it'll also work all the muscles lining the back as well.
To perform it simply place the forearms on the floor underneath the body with the legs stretched out behind you, balancing on your toes.  When in this position keep your body as flat as possible so you resemble that of a table top.
Hold this for 30-60 seconds, or until you can no longer maintain proper form.

Crunches On An Exercise Ball
Next up on our list of exercises to target your tummy are crunches on an exercise ball.  These are fantastic for calling the muscle fibers deep within the core into play.  Due to the reduced base of support underneath you, you're going to have to work that much harder to maintain balance.
Try and perform a set of 12 reps at a time before taking a rest and continuing on.

Lying Leg Raises
Third, leg raises are the next exercise to include.  These are fantastic for working the lower abdominal muscles, which tends to be problematic for most women.
To perform them, lie flat on the ground and then slowly lift the legs up off the floor and bring them to ninety degrees. Pause for a second and then lower so they're just about touching the floor again.
Don't let them come completely down however as this will really reduce the tension on the abs and the goal is to keep them in a constantly contracted state.

The Bicycle
The bicycle is another excellent tummy exercise that will firm those love handles quickly.  To perform this one lift the legs slightly above the ground while you bring one knee into the chest.While doing so, simultaneously twist the body so the opposite side comes to meet that knee and then reverse directions for the next rep.
Perform ten reps for each side in a row and then relax again before doing a second set.

Accordion Sit-Ups
Finally, the last tummy toner you should be doing is the accordion sit-up.  These are very simple and straightforward. First, get into a flat lying position on the floor.
From there, bring the upper body up while you bring the knees up to meet it at the same time.In essence, it should look like you're an accordion as you do this movement.
Pause at the top and then lower back down again.

So there you have the top tummy toners that will quickly firm up your stomach and help you see faster results. If you can combine all of these three times a week with a good appetite suppressant such as Phen375 to help you maintain your lower calorie diet, it won't be long before you have your own set of toned abs.


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